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PLEASE NOTE: If your query is about an order you've already placed, it may be useful to have your order number, email, and the delivery address that you provided to hand before proceeding.


The most common question I get asked is - Where do you deliver to? (Answer via

Teemill ships to most countries worldwide. You can view the full list of countries in the checkout when placing an order. If your country isn't showing in the list, sadly, they cannot ship to that location. In a very small number of cases where they are unable to ship to a country, it's normally due to the ability of their couriers or payment processing partners in that territory, or the availability of other services that Teemill requires to operate in that country effectively. The list of countries they ship to may change, and the general trend is towards increasing the number of countries that they ship to. Teemill is unable to offer to ship to a country on a one-off basis, or change territories by request.



Why don't you personally deal with order queries?


1. I think up a new design, typically at daft O'Clock in the morning. 

2. I develop my idea into an original artwork, then place it on a product to create a truly unique item that isn't unavailable to buy anywhere else in the world.

3. I add my new product to my online shop range.

4. It's now over to to process orders, deal with payment, individually manufacture each sustainably made product, package, dispatch, and deliver every single item worldwide.

They're the clever folk dealing with your much appreciated order, and should you ever need to contact them about it, they also happen to be v. nice! 



Why aren’t you more active on social media (or) You haven’t responded to my comment on social media.

Along with many other people, my main hobby is collecting autoimmune conditions. This combined with my gentle work commitments at (my official freelance illustration site) means I’m not always able to get on SM. Plus, having been lucky enough to survive some pretty major health hurdles, I agree time’s too precious to spend a lot of it online - especially when there are dandelions to nurture and hedgehogs to smile at. I apologise for not responding to any comment you may leave, and really am very grateful to everyone kind enough to get in touch, but hope you can appreciate the reasons for my irregular posts and laid back approach to all things internetty.


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