Once upon a time... 

our garden was neatly maintained, pristine, trim and tidy.


Then we moved in.

Since that day in 2015, we've added a pond, left areas unmown, allowed borders to rewild, created a log pile, hung up bird feeders, provided fresh drinking water daily, opened a bee hotel, installed a bat box, built an owl box for squirrels     dotted home-made bird and hedgehog houses around, and basically let it grow into a disorderly blotch of untamed bliss.


One of the many perks of having a low maintenance approach to gardening.

Throw in a wildlife-mad digital illustrator with a background in graphic design and an office window overlooking their garden, and you end up with a website like this.

(If you'd like to know a bit more about me and tap here).

Gallery of Things we've Spotted in our Garden...

This spotter's jotter gallery is a collection of rushed photos taken through windows that haven't seen a squeegee in years. 

Also, I think blurriness adds character and charm to wildlife photography 

My favourite garden bird the Bullfinch. This one's stuffing his beak which makes him even better.

Tap to enlarge and ID.

Blackcap on a random twig.
Our lovely Robin, Nellie!
Blue tit hanging around.
Herring Gull (Noisy as ....)
Bumblebee. I think this one's Marjorie?
fox and hedgehog
Felicity Pheasant.
Mr & Mrs Mallard. (Mrs Mallard actually illustrating how to duck).
A super smashin' Great Spotted Woodpecker.
Hungry Mouse.
Goldfinches. AKA Total maniacs for sunflower hearts.
Stephen's nemesis and the biggest threat to pond fish (and liners), but I just love our Heron.
Juvenile Dipper about to dip.
Finbar Pheasant.
Woodpigeon. Beautiful, yet quite possibly the derpiest birds in the world?
Chiffchaff close-up.
Moorhen. We called him Roger. Obvs.
GORGEOUS Jay (larger than you might think!)
Grey Squirrel with pretend periscope.
Tawny Owl sitting pretty on the feeder.
Dragonfly emerging from Nymph. Amazing!
Grey Wagtail (Cute as ....)

(We've since made our own paracord birdsavers

that have dramatically reduced such collisions).

Try telling me nature's not worth going a bit wild for.