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More about me and

My name is Ann (also known as Annie) and I work at from the home I share with my husband Stephen, and our two indoor cats.

Born in the North East of England with ties to Scotland, New Zealand, and Hull - I'm neither a wildlife expert nor a green-fingered whiz, but a freelance artist with a natural garden and big love for the wildlife that visits it.

Like countless other people, I also have first-hand experience of just how comforting and restorative nature can be

when living with autoimmune gremlins on top of unexpected limitations after an illness (in my case caused by sepsis plus heart failure).

If you're not already #sepsissavvy please consider watching the short video (here), or visit

20190722_185927 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

This is my passion project that thanks to a lifelong enthusiasm for wildlife and design, grew naturally while shielding throughout the pandemic.

Launched without any expectations or targets, is simply a mashup of my favourite things, created out of enjoyment - and if anyone else happens to enjoy it too - bonus!


Rehoming hedgehogs

at the bottom of our garden.


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