You found my secret hog page


Being a hedgehog champion (yes, it's a thing), I'm keen to do as much as possible to give this vulnerable species a helping hand.

As well as volunteering our garden as a safe place to re-home rescued hedgehogs, we support feed them every night by leaving out cat biscuits, meaty pet food, and fresh water.

Our hog villas comprise of an entrance hall, nursery, and separate room for mum hog to relax in.

Me, helping to re-home hedgehogs at the bottom of our garden.

One of our home-made hog houses. We clean them out once a year before popping fresh straw bedding back in, otherwise we don't open them, not even to check if they're being used, as this can cause a hog to bolt.

Hog Villa.
One of our many foxes (and hedgehogs) at our wildlife buffet!

Yes, we have foxes.

No, we've never had any fox/hog bother other than a hedgehog moving a fox out of the way with a strategically aimed spike.

We don't feed our hogs anything other than cat biscuits and meaty pet foodas there are plenty of bugs around here for them to eat.

Fox and 5 hogs on garden cam.

Our wildlife buffet is just a supplement to their natural creepy-crawly diet, provided in case the hedgehogs ever get to the point of feeling proper hangry.

A tea & toast kind of day.

We put food and fresh water out every evening including throughout Winter - as some hedgehogs don't hibernate, preferring to carry on foraging at night even during the colder months.


Digging for worms at dusk.

Late with supper again!

Find out more about becoming a hedgehog champion HERE.

Visit the British Hedgehog Preservation Society website HERE.


(I'm not affiliated with either of these organisations).